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birthday fever

July 20, 2011

well, it will soon be time to turn another year older
ahh, who am i kidding? my birthday is my favorite day of the year! i really enjoy doing it up. we always joke that our little Bean is the luckiest little girl when it comes to her birthday. because a. I’m a party planner ; ) and b. i put a special emphasize on such a special day. i know i’ll never forget the day she was born! and quite honestly, i love presents! it’s my first love language. so, i always have fun putting together my list for Daddy and Gracer (he says he couldn’t possibly be sucessfull birthday present shopping for me without one).  so here is what’s i have my hear set on this year…

xx kay


busy bird

July 19, 2011

it’s crazy busy over here at The Sugar Tree. but there are certainly no complaints about that.

we’re brewing up some fun party plans and can’t wait to share!

xx kay

pretty things

July 15, 2011

okay, i realize that not everyone spends hours a day clicking away at event websites drooling over party supplies. those who do…we’re a rare breed! so feel free to skip this post. but, if you see pretty papery and polka-dot straws and your minds drifts off to la la party land, you’ll love this.

say hello to Shop Sweet Lulu! a little online shop devoted to all things party-pretty. the stuff you can’t find at “A Buck or Two”. and unlike A Buck or Two, you’ll check-out feeling like you got a great bang for your buck. yay! and the best part, (which always worries me when finding a little treasure like Shop Sweet Lulu) they ship to to Canada. double yay!
so what are you still doing here, go buy some party stuff!

oh, and don’t forget…it’s friday!
(i think we better make that a triple yay!)

xx kay

July 13, 2011

it’s been a good week in the party blog world! lots of inspiration out there and i’m feeling it! found a few new blogs that i’ve added to my list {however do i manage to keep up with all of them?!} and the best part of following a new blog is that i get to spend hours upon hours reading all the archives. time well spent in my opinion!

My Sweet & Saucy in particularly has kept me quite busy. enjoy!

xx kay

images via {here} and {here}

all mine

July 5, 2011

i mentioned my sister jenny ordered us each an EM gold coin necklaces. it’s strange, for the last few years we’ve both mostly worn long, chain necklaces. but we wear them everyday. they’re so elegant and versatile and just perfect.

xx kay.

keep calm gallery.

June 29, 2011

if anyone enjoys quirky colorful prints it me. so naturally i was quite thrilled when stumble across keep calm gallery’s website i thought i would share their loveliness with all of you. here are a few that i’m thinking about. Enjoy xx

this would be lovely in the little beans room

happy wednesday!

xx kay

emerson made.

June 28, 2011

.                 a few months ago, my lovely sister invited me to have a look at emerson made. 

                 instead of going on about how wonderful it is, i will leave you with these bits of eye                                                                 candy, so you can see for yourself.
.                                                    EM signature flower pins.

wouldn’t these clutches make the perfect bridesmaid gift?

lastly, the EM gold coin necklace line. anybody else out there drooling? perfection.

too wonderful for words. the best part the lovely lady in the photos, that’s Emerson. She is also the owner and designer. 

pssst. my EM gold coin necklace came in (early birthday from the sis!). her and i both got the sparrow, and i must say, they’re even more beautiful in person. 

xx kay
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